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Our company has built stations of all sizes, from the casual operator to the serious contester. Whether you are looking for a rooftop tower, house bracketed tower, or your dream 200-foot rotating tower with multi-stacked antennas, we can help bring your dream into reality! 

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Authorized ROHN dealer

ROHN is an industry leader for amateur radio towers, antennas, parts, and accessories, with unmatched quality and a long history of excellence. 

Click the Image below to download their catalogue. 

ROHN has released an updated Products Catalog No. 3, which can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the products in this catalog, we are just a phone call away (520-748-1540, ask for Mike). 

ROHN has always been committed to providing the best products in the industry and ROHN Products, LLC is recognized globally as a quality leader. Their towers are proudly standing on every continent and in nearly every country around the world.

You can access their catalog using the link below. 


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